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7. S Daniel Sorensen - (2018 cap number - $4,800,000; Savings if cut before June 1 - $1,800,000; after June 1 - $3,800,000)

7. S Daniel Sorensen

Sorensen has also been tossed around as a possible cut, although he's not quite in the same boat as these other players, all of whom are entering into the final years of their contract. Sorensen was given a four-year, $16 million extension in 2017, and the Chiefs would have to designate him as a post-June 1 cut orthey'd take on $3 million in dead money. They could take another look at this situation in the future, butfor now, we'll guess he's back for at least one more season.

By Steven Taranto

Following a debilitating neck injury suffered in the 2017 season, Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor announced on his Twitter account Sunday evening that he has not received medical clearance to continue playing football, which will effectively end his NFL playing career.

Kam Chancellor

In sharing the news, Chancellor cited the fact that medical tests have shown no healing in his neck, and that he risks paralysis if he continues playing.

Gods Grace ???????????? pic.twitter.com/60J2DugpD1

"I've played through all types of injuries and bruises at a high level. But this one, I just can't ignore," wrote Chancellor.

"I put all my blood, sweat, and tears into this game. On the field, off the field, pouring into my teammates, coaches, opponents, friends, family, and so many more. God has blessed me with an amazing opportunity to show the world my gifts he has given me, and my heart to love everyone and everything."

Shortly after Chancellor's post, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport clarified that Chancellor was not making an official retirement announcement , but rather that he had not been medically cleared to play in the NFL again. As a result, Chancellor will earn some guaranteed money from the Seahawks, with $6.2 million for the 2018 season and $5.2 million in 2019.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport clarified that Chancellor was not making an official retirement announcement

Chancellor had previously stated that he would make a decision on his playing future following exams on his neck in June. Chancellor had originally injured his neck during a Thursday Night game against the Arizona Cardinals in 2017 after making an awkward tackle.

had previously stated that he would make a decision on his playing future

Earlier this offseason, Chancellor spoke to 13 News Now's Brian Smith concerning his future following the injury.

" Joseph Ch4 Womens Low Chipie Cheap Sale Release Dates hLd2jT
" said Chancellor. "I'll listen. I'm a very good listener. I don't see myself as old. I feel like I'm still in my prime. It's not an age thing at all. It's just a matter of structural issues in the neck and if they change or not."

By adapting techniques described by Bates (e.g. Reference chaining, follow-up of Author names) [ 16 ] in a systematic way the review team has grown an evidence base from an initial single included reference. Fourteen related project reports, thirteen available to the team, have enhanced the thickness of contextual data. However cluster searching does not only exploit the descriptive value of an expanded dataset. It also broadens the idea of “relevance” to include theoretical contributions and the explanatory power of the success or failure of similar studies (conceptual richness). Returning to our original Reference Manager database to search for “Diffusion of Innovations” Theory identified 49 studies including studies rejected by the initial sift. Revisiting initially rejected references evokes the berrypicking philosophy whereby information, initially rejected as irrelevant, subsequently becomes important. Establishing a link with Diffusion of Innovations Theory (i.e. “relatedness”: Additional file 3 Identifying Wider Explanations of Theory and Context) also led to supplementary searches examining the Diffusion of Innovations theory within the context of HIV/AIDS. Again the review team could not have identified either the significance of HIV/AIDS peer education as a context nor Diffusion of Innovations as a theory.

Similarly links to earlier U.S. studies, contemporary U.K studies and subsequent studies from the developing world were not identified at the start of the project. Four such projects (Mpowerment, 4 Gyms, ASSIST and the Kelly studies) offered further comparative analysis of factors relating to success and failure of the intervention. Searching for these projects individually and in conjunction, using (i) citation searching, (ii) author searching and (iii) searching by project name, yielded further richness.

This individual case study, presented using a narrative approach, suggests that cluster searching may be both practicable and desirable as a technique for harvesting rich and thick data. Such data can prove valuable when integrating quantitative and qualitative evidence and, specifically, in supporting realist synthesis. A recent realist review [ 70 ] independently utilizes a cluster-based approach to enhance the richness of data. The authors identified “23 partnerships, collectively composed of 276 documents, including peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed publications and websites”. Noticeably, however, this other review did not use a systematic approach to identify its clusters. Contact with authors was the single method used in this instance. Contact with authors may help to identify most, if not all, papers directly associated with a named cluster. However it would not reveal either additional papers invoking theory or related projects with a common provenance.

Berrypicking requires the searcher either to have a very clear idea of the relevance of individual items as encountered or to work in tandem with the subject expert. Asynchronous approaches, whereby the searcher completes the searches independently and sends the results of the search to a subject expert (as for most topic-based bibliographic searches), are not typically accommodated by these interactive elements of berrypicking. However synchronous approaches, where both searcher and subject expert work side-by-side, may be prohibitive, in terms of both time and availability, for most types of iterative searching. In contrast identification of study clusters is potentially a more objective task requiring less subject knowledge and harnessing the same cues that information specialists routinely use in their role. Where a searcher and subject expert have agreed an overall searching strategy this may obviate the need for the subject expert to be present when the searching itself takes place. Development of a formalised and agreed set of procedures for searching for study clusters would ensure that berrypicking can preserve its flexible and iterative nature whilst being “reinvented” as a systematic and rigorous component in the literature searching toolkit. As Sandelowski and Barroso observe:

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